All the diseases included in ODCs web application have at least one associated gene. Likewise, the genes incorporated to this database are associated with one or several diseases. Furthermore, in order to establish interactome associations (protein-protein interactions) the genes included in ODCs database must have UniProt reference.

Total number of rare diseases in Orphadata database 6,838
Total number of protein-protein interactions in HIPPIE database 179,899
Diseases with at least one associated gene 3,032
Disease names and synonyms 8,432
Genes associated with at least one disease 3,061
Total number of disease-gene associations 5,718
Total number of disease-disease associations 54,941
Total number of disease-disease associations based on common genes 5,263
Diseases with al least one common gene with another disease 2,083
Total number of signs and symptoms included in ODCs 1,179
Diseases with signs and symptoms info 1,120