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Welcome to MBROLE 3

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MBROLE (pronounced "embrole") performs functional enrichment analysis for a set of chemical compounds. MBROLE integrates a large amount of biological and chemical information related to chemical compounds extracted from multiple databases. This information is conveniently organized into categories and vocabulary lists, including organism-specific datasets.

MBROLE is intended for educational and research purposes, it stores technical cookies only and no personal data, and is available to everyone free of charge.

MBROLE is now part the of the INB/ELIXIR-ES resources portfolio

What changed from the previous version:

  • Updated annotations that were included in the previous release.
  • Novel indirect annotations obtained from the literature and from curated chemical-protein associations.
  • Additional direct annotations (e.g. Reactome and PathBank pathways, Gene Ontology terms, etc.)
  • Generation of plots with the most relevant results obtained from the enrichment analysis.
  • Excluded annotations from databases we found discontinued (e.g. UniPathways). You can still analyze them using MBROLE 2.

Cite us:

If you use this version of MBROLE to analyze your data, please cite the following article:

  • Javier López-Ibáñez, Florencio Pazos and Monica Chagoyen. (2023). MBROLE3: improved functional enrichment of chemical compounds for metabolomics data analysis. Nucleic Acids Research. Advance access. DOI:10.1093/nar/gkad405.

Visit the help page to know how to use MBROLE 3, see some use cases and a full list of biological annotations.

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