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X-linked myopathy with postural muscle atrophy
1 OMIM reference -
1 associated gene
53 connected diseases
No signs/symptoms info
Disease Type of connection
Reducing body myopathy
X-linked Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy
Familial isolated dilated cardiomyopathy
Familial isolated arrhythmogenic ventricular dysplasia, biventricular form
Familial isolated arrhythmogenic ventricular dysplasia, left dominant form
Familial isolated arrhythmogenic ventricular dysplasia, right dominant form
Digitotalar dysmorphism
Lethal congenital contracture syndrome type 3
Adams-Oliver syndrome
Familial atrial fibrillation
Estrogen resistance syndrome
Aneurysm - osteoarthritis syndrome
Familial Alzheimer-like prion disease
Familial advanced sleep-phase syndrome
Familial pancreatic carcinoma
Familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection
Fatal familial insomnia
Generalized juvenile polyposis / juvenile polyposis coli
Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
Huntington disease-like 1
Inherited Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Myhre syndrome
Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
Autosomal recessive centronuclear myopathy
Autosomal recessive limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2J
Behçet disease
Combined immunodeficiency due to STK4 deficiency
Early-onset myopathy with fatal cardiomyopathy
Hereditary proximal myopathy with early respiratory failure
Juvenile rheumatoid factor-negative polyarthritis
Oligoarticular juvenile arthritis
Pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus
Tibial muscular dystrophy
Atypical Werner syndrome
Autosomal codominant severe lipodystrophic laminopathy
Autosomal dominant Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy
Autosomal dominant limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 1B
Autosomal recessive Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2B1
Congenital muscular dystrophy due to LMNA mutation
Dilated cardiomyopathy - hypergonadotropic hypogonadism
Familial dilated cardiomyopathy with conduction defect due to LMNA mutation
Familial partial lipodystrophy, Dunnigan type
Familial partial lipodystrophy, Köbberling type
Heart-hand syndrome, Slovenian type
Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome
LMNA-related cardiocutaneous progeria syndrome
Laminopathy type Decaudain-Vigouroux
Left ventricular noncompaction
Lethal restrictive dermopathy
Mandibuloacral dysplasia with type A lipodystrophy
Progeria-associated arthropathy
(no synonyms)

Classification (Orphanet):
- Rare genetic disease
- Rare neurologic disease

Classification (ICD10):
- Diseases of the nervous system -

Epidemiological data:
Class of prevalence: <1 / 1 000 000
Average age onset: -
Average age of death: -
Type of inheritance: x-linked recessive
External references:
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Gene symbol UniProt reference OMIM reference
FHL1 Q13642300163
No signs/symptoms info available.