Properties of the Biodegradation Network

Florencio Pazos, Alfonso Valencia, Victor De Lorenzo


The generation of the network, the analysis carried out, and the results obtained are described in: Please cite that paper when using the data and/or figures contained in this web page.

Representations of the full network

  • PNG files: Legend is on the right. Compounds belonging to the Central Metabolism (CM) are at the bottom. The higher a compound is in the figures the longer is its path to the CM.
  • The PDF files contain easier to follow network layouts generated with DOT (see below). The compounds are not sorted according with any criteria but efficient layout. Central Metabolism (CM) is shown as a node at the bottom. Compound chemical structures are not shown. See the legend in the corresponding PNG files.

    Network description

    The file contains the network description in .DOT format. You can inspect and manipulate it with the DOTTY/DOT or GraphViz programs.

    Raw data

    The files themselves contain a description of the format. Contact us for additional representations or other material.

    Florencio Pazos Cabaleiro.